Heritage Concrete Sleepers & Pre Cast Concrete Slabs

pb020071Imagine a retaining wall with the beauty of natural timber and the durability of concrete. That's just what our sleepers deliver. The uses for Heritage Concrete Sleepers are only limited by your imagination.

How about a one high or two high garden bed. Talk about stand-up gardening, ideal for those keen gardeners with back complaints or arthritis. Would you like a retaining wall that will never be infested with rust, rot or white ants? Each sleeper features precise dimensions so your wall will always look neat and professionally built. All of our products are now made with a minium of 32mpa strength  (Monofilament Polypropylene) Fibre Mesh Concrete Mix and in some cases Deformed Bar or Steel Mesh as Well.

Environmentally Friendly Slabs, Pavers & Sleepers

retaining-wall-two-tear-steel-h-beamOur concrete sleepers will really suit the environmentally conscious gardener - we don't slaughter our precious hardwood forests to create our sleepers. We also have a large variety of Pre-Cast Concrete Slabs which are used for Gas Bottles, Air-Conditioner Units, Hot Water Services and many other uses.Please have a look at our range of coloured concrete pavers as well. Sealed or unsealed, they have the same hard wearing qualities as our sleepers. Sized 450mm x 450mm Slate Style Paver and, 600mm x 600mm Cobble Stone Look Paver, that natural look will last a lifetime, our sleepers and pavers are totally maintenance free.